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Pavan K

[feedback from What Gout Foods Can I Eat?]


Hope you are doing well and i am badminton play and i will do exercises on daily basis, recently my shoulder was paining when i am playing badminton. I went to an orthopedic and he asked me to check out my uric acid levels and they took my blood samples the report says, my Uric acid Levels are 7.4. is this in critical condition? my age is 27.

About Me and my Diet

I am Working in night shifts as i am working in nights my eating habits are totally different compared with others.

1) while going to office at 7 PM in the evening i will just take more water and green tea i dont take anything.
2) i will go to dinner at night 10:30 or 11 PM and then i will finish my office at early morning 5 AM IST.
3) i will warm up in my room like push ups.. etc..then i will go to badminton, i will play for 2 hrs.
4) while coming i will drink a glass of ragi malt and have some idly and dosa.. then i will hit the bed after that. I will wake up in the evening 6PM get ready and go to office. It continues same.

Last but not least on Week ends, we will have week offs Saturday and sunday i will consume alcohol with Chiken something, i will eat and hit the bed again.


IF YES, Please Advice me accordingly…. i will fallow.