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Gout Foodie

Hi Irma. I guess it is a hearty welcome to one of the few lady gout sufferers. Mostly it is older blokes like me. Fructose: I recently read some medical research where the main point was that fructose is very highly correlated with gout, but that the medical pathway is not well understood. That said, being a vegan, I eat 3-4 pieces of fruit every day as well as eating a whole lot of veggies, nuts and lentils. I also take 500mg of Allopurinol. I personally have found very little correlation between what I eat and the amount of gout I get. I can’t see any pattern. What I am pretty sure about is that my gout is part of what is some what euphemistically called metabolic syndrome aka being too fat. What is certain is that being vegan has brought my blood sugar levels back to normal ranges. I have lost some weight, but need to lose another 10kg. Good luck! Gout sucks. It is very debilitating.