Reply To: Gout Foodie Questions

Keith Taylor

Rod’s right to mention blood sugar levels. That’s the thing to get checked if you’re worried about too much sugar in your diet.

Unfortunately, there’s some very bad science that keeps getting written about on the Internet. This is largely promoted by a small group of people who make significant amounts of money selling fad diets or “special reports”.

Sugar can be a problem for gout sufferers where it leads to excess weight. Where it’s part of a healthy balanced diet, it should not be a problem. Therefore, a few pieces of fruit are OK. The things to watch are added sugars. Fructose is common, but any sugars added to food must be examined carefully. It’s not just sugar, though. Many processed foods have other additives besides sugar. Many of these are associated with increased uric acid. So, it’s best to change processed foods for natural whole foods.

Also, Irma, you mention cutting down on protein. It’s good to restrict animal protein. But, protein is good for gout. Therefore dairy proteins and plant proteins are a good replacement.