Reply To: Gout or not

Rich Blazeski

Tricky Gout Summary

Hi guys,

I thought to make a small recap regarding my gout, to summarise it a bit as the last topic was hard to follow up.
So it started it on 01.05.2017, since then I made 5 bood test for u.a level.
02.05: 5.5 mg/dl
03.05: 5.59 mg/ dl
18.05: 5.9 mg/dl after this test I started Alopurinol 100 mg for 20 days.
After finishing the 20 days pills I had two more tests.
At 5 days after stopping meds:
14.06: 4.7 mg/dl
At 14 days after stopping meds:
26.06: 4.3 mg/dl

Also I have a result from two years ago:
5.8 mg/dl.

Anyway yesterday I felt for a short while 2 3 hours a slight pain in my both heels,left and right, also some pain in my right knee, and in the last 2 3 days also for minutes I felt a pain in my index fingers first left and after right..and left again..didn t last but there was some pain.
Also pain in both feets under the big toe still there.

Being scared by the last two days I started to take again Alopurinol 100 mgs.
What do you think?why do I have pain in so many places..?
Do you have any idea how much can u.a level fluctuate from one day to another in the same diet conditions ?
For instance if my last result was 4.3 can u.a lvl to raise over 6 so that new cristal can form..?
I gave up totally to alcohol since started to have this issue and also very very small quantities of meat.

I present you my data so that others can read and find similarities or learn something from that.