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I was told by a doctor 4 months ago that is likely the pain and sudden flares in my toe were likely gout and was put on indomethacin to help the flare. I am 25 not over weight and do not drink a large amount so he sent me on my way.. The Indomethacin did help but only to control the flare and then the pain was back once the tablets stopped.

After xrays and unltrasounds which did not show a break etc and a blood test with normal results ( this blood test was taken a week after the flare started however stiffness etc was still present).
After another bad attack when I was away on holiday in November ( drinking a little more than normal) I went to a foot specialist/surgeon and she agreed also it sounded exactly like gout and that I was to be put on allopurinol – I have since started this at 300mg a day.
I have now been on Allopurinol just coming up 6 weeks and have also been taking indomethacin when I have felt pain/flare.

Diet wise I have not had a drop of alcohol for 2 weeks and even before that it was nothing in high amounts. I have given up red meat,shellfish and I am on a veggie diet 80% of the week. Cheery active I have been taking and lots of water!

By reading this forum I understand that the pain is old deposits dissolving? But I was wondering whether anyone could give me any guidance on how long these flares will continue for and also should I be taking indomenthacin constantly to prevent the pain or when I feel pain to stop it? I feel a little concerned about taking the indomethacin for long periods of time.

I did try to make a gout profile but the activation email hasn’t seem to of come through :S
If anyone could give me any guidance! I am getting married in 7 weeks and do not want to be in pain!

[originally posted by lapsed member, francesca searle]