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Keith Taylor

Hi Francesca,

Thank you for your detailed post. There’s a very important fact missing. Without it, I’ll have to qualify everything I suggest with ‘if and maybe.’ That’s confusing for both of us.

Please post your uric acid test results, and I promise you a pain-free wedding.

A “blood test with normal results” is dangerously misleading. Nobody with an ounce of sense wants Normal Uric Acid. That’s why I keep the handy guide to uric acid levels in the right sidebar. (see Stop Gout With Safe Uric Acid Levels)

Every gout sufferer should join me with NUANT – Normal Uric Acid? No Thanks! We might persuade the medics to “Think Gout Safe” instead of normal uric acid.

Francesca, when I get the vital uric acid numbers, I’ll set you up with a personal gout profile. Then we can get your gout controlled properly.