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Keith Taylor

Hey, Francesca – no apologies needed. (should I have just said “No Dramas!” ?)
I like having lots of detail because it makes it easier for me to give the personal answers you deserve.

I’m relieved your uric acid is well below .30 mmol/L. As you are due to be married soon, I’d recommend staying on your 300mg allopurinol per day. In some circumstance, I might advise aiming even lower. But, this might encourage more gout attacks from dissolving uric acid crystals. Normally, you might judge that it’s worth a little pain to get rid of the crystals quicker. I don’t think we’ll risk that for you 🙂

What we need to do, is track any pain symptoms that you have over the next few weeks. Your doctor is right in saying indomethacin as required. But, I want to be doubly sure that you have gout pain completely under control. There are extra things you can do if necessary. You need to be confident that gout pain can be completely controlled (trust me – it can!)

I’m not saying post here every day, but certainly post whenever you experience any gout symptoms, or any doubts. That way, we can be certain your big day will not get spoiled with gout pain.

If you post 2 or 3 times a week, you’ll keep this topic near the front of my mind. It’s up to you if you want to post an essay. I’ll enjoy reading it. But just a few words is OK.