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Keith Taylor

Happy days again Mark.

I’m a bit worried about your Dad.

NSAIDs is the general name for anti-inflammatories like indomethacin, ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen, etc. They are generally regarded as safe for a few months. It’s good to control gout pain with NSAIDs until allopurinol gets uric acid low enough to stop the source of pain. It’s not good to use them instead of uric acid lowering treatment. If you don’t control uric acid down to safe levels, gout gets worse. Even on days when you don’t have a gout attack, the crystals are destroying joints and damaging soft tissues (heart, kidneys, skin, etc). Febuxostat is a valid alternative to allopurinol. A 24-hour urine test can give more treatment options if Dad is an under-excreter.

Anyway, don’t go telling the marketing guys at Novartis that diclofenac is hard to get. With the massive spend on Voltarol pushing advertising, they’re not going to be pleased. 😉