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Keith Taylor

Hi Nigel, and thank you for your feedback. Originally, this was a comment on Allopurinol And Alcohol, but I thought it deserved a new topic.

It’s a shame that you couldn’t tolerate allopurinol. Some people cannot, and that used to be a disaster, as allopurinol was the only treatment for uric acid lowering that could be used by all types of gout sufferers. It is still the preferred option on cost and safety grounds. But now, febuxostat gives us an alternative to allopurinol.

Unfortunately, some of the bad prescribing procedures that haunted allopurinol, have continued with febuxostat. The only reason for prescribing either of these two drugs is to reduce uric acid safely below 5mg/dL. Uric acid must be tested regularly to achieve this. To ensure this is happening safely, uric acid tests must be accompanied by kidney function and liver function tests.

Nigel, I’m alarmed by your “seems to be OK” remark. If your blood is being tested as it should be, you should know exactly how well febuxostat is working for you.

If you were just commenting that there is an alternative to allopurinol, then thank you for your comments. If you are not absolutely certain that febuxostat is lowering your uric acid safely, then you must check with your doctor immediately.

Both febuxostat and allopurinol are fantastic at making gout simple to control. But, unless safe dosage and testing procedures are used, it could be just another gout disaster waiting to happen.

Nigel, if you are wondering why I’m worried about your comment, or not sure about anything I’ve written, please let me know. I’m happy to clarify any points, as I want to be sure that febuxostat is definitely controlling your gout safely.