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Keith Taylor

Hi Paul, thanks for your question about allopurinol and creatine levels. You sent it via my helpdesk, but I prefer to discuss gout issues in the forums. This is so that other gout sufferers who are interested in the effects of allopurinol on creatine levels can read about it, and hopefully join in.

First, I must explain I am not a doctor, just an enthusiastic gout amateur. Creatine is a complex subject, and only your doctor can advise you. Fundamentally, creatine is unlike uric acid.

Uric acid has definite safe and dangerous levels. There is some room for adjusting the ideal uric acid level based on personal circumstances.

Creatine levels change all the time as a reaction to many different events. What is most important here, is the change. A single result is meaningless – you have to review changes with your doctor. It might even be a signal that you should be increasing your allopurinol dose. Without all the facts, we simply cannot say. When you get your next set of results, we will have more meaningful data, so let’s wait until then.

I’m concerned that you have not mentioned your uric acid levels. A personal target for uric acid is a vital part of gout treatment. It also requires regular monitoring in the right way. All gout sufferers need to get uric acid tests at least once a year. Whenever uric acid is tested, you should also get kidney function and liver function tests. It’s my job to help you set the best uric acid level target for you. It’s your doctor’s job to review the test results, and your physical symptoms, to ensure that your gout treatment plan is safe.