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[Feburic dosage

Feburic question from Evgeny, via the gout helpdesk.

Evgeny asked about Feburic dose after reading What Triggers Gout Attacks?

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Hi Doctor,

I had UA of 9.3 and my doc asked me to begin with alopuriniol 100×2
After 1.5 year reach stable UA 6 – however the lever ALT/AST was increased.

I begin with feburic 80 and just after 1 moth reached the 3.5 UA.
And of course I got gout attack on my elbow which is new area for me.

I asked my doc reduce feburic from 80 to 40 – however this tablet on my country exists only by 80.

What is the risk of low UA ?

What is recommendation on that ? As I understand I can not cut the tablet since it covered tablet – and not recommended for split.
Should I take tablet Day/yes Day/no ( in that case I will reached 40 per day, )

Thanks in advance,