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Keith Taylor

Wow, what a contrast to the previous post I responded to about starting gout treatment. That discussion is about starting treatment. This is about the opposite end of the first gout treatment cycle. How do you improve medication for gout, once treatment has stabilized.

Before I answer specific questions, as the help desk team mentioned, I’m not a doctor. Even if I were, it would be irresponsible to give medical advice. Professional medical decisions require physical examination, medical tests, and medical history. All I’ve got is random uric acid numbers with no measurement scales and no test dates.

Short answers to your questions are:

What is the risk of low UA ?

My answer: No risk.

Should I take tablet Day/yes Day/no ( in that case I will reached 40 per day, )

My answer: That could work if uric acid, liver function, and kidney function are being monitored by your doctor. It depends on the results of blood tests.

Evgeny, if you want more detailed explanations, please ask me. You sound as if you intend reducing medication for gout. That’s a great achievement, but is it too soon?