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Gout Patient

After a long conversation with the doc, she gave me another run of indomethacin which seems to be working now. I will start the allopurinol once this run is done and now I have colchicine should a flare occur once this has passed.

My gout pain is 90% better. My foot still feels like it was wounded, but no pain and the swelling is down considerably. I have an appointment with a rheumatologist, but March 9th was as early as they could see me. Evidently, rheumatology is a good business to be in now.

I’m going in for a renal panel and liver function test as soon as this flare is gone and things are back to an even keel. Also, because I was walking awkwardly on my foot, tendinitis cropped up at my Achilles insertion on my heel. Ice and rest are helping that as well but, geez, come on.

I’m gonna get this thing by the neck one way or the other. It’s hard to describe to those who don’t know, the impact this has on every aspect of your life.