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Original posted by Carol:

Only uric acid in urine is high and knee swelling intermittently

Hello, I’m Brazilian and since I was 14 years old (I’m 30) I had 3 episodes of intermittent knee swelling, which lasted 1 year.
The bumps are painless, most of the time, but I feel pain in some movements. The only thing I feel different is an increase in body temperature while sleeping, before the knee swells. They swell the most at night.
They become swollen 3-5 days and after 7-10 days, itch again, non-stop.
All the tests gave negative for rheumatological factors, negative reactive protein, this year I did arthroscopy in the 2 knees for the removal of synovial plica, but nonetheless they continue to swell.
No doctor knows until today that I have.
I already took anti-inflammatory and colchicine for 1 month but did not improve.
My blood uric acid always gives 4.3, but I always found my urine cloudy and with the strong odor, so I requested the urine uric acid test and gave very high: 1,200. I’ve already done 3 exams and they always go high.
I am healthy and I follow a diet that has low purine. I do physical exercises 6 times a week, but the swelling limits my movements.
I began to use colchicine and I will start today with alopurinol 300mg.
I wonder if it can be a type of gout, with little pain, be intermittent and only with high urinary uric acid.
I hope you help me.