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Keith Taylor

Carol, I’d love to help you more. But, I just do not have the relevant information.

You say: “blood uric acid always gives 4.3” and “urine uric acid test and gave very high: 1,200”. But, you haven’t told me what scale these results are measured in.

If I were a gambling man, I bet that your blood uric acid is actually 0.43mmol/L. If that is the case, allopurinol can reduce it to safe levels. But, You should really start with 100mg per day. Then, you can adjust dose to get uric acid to a safe level. But, this is all guesswork without accurate test results.

If you have photographs of your test results, that is very useful. You can send pictures, or other files, via the GoutPal Helpdesk. Just click the orange Gout Help button, then attach files to your message. If you cannot send photographs, please type in the lab report uric acid information carefully.