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Keith Taylor

Some very wise words from Yakpi:

Luckily I have a good doctor and was able to get on 300mg Allopurinol that I have been taking since then. I don’t know why some fear taking this miracle drug, while at the same time be OK with popping vitamins daily. It is very clean with no side effects for most. I can eat and drink whatever I want and have never had a flair up since I started.

I understand some of the reasons why people deny the correct treatment, but I’ve never seen one reason that is justified.

Even if you don’t feel like taking action today, at least discuss your fears. Always be aware: Untreated excess uric acid is a killer! Also, especially if you are in doubt, read Can Gout Kill You?

Thanks Yakpi. I hope you’ve inspired gout sufferers to start their journey to Gout Freedom.