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Keith Taylor

Gout symptoms and diagnosis
Your symptoms are consistent with gout. But, could be something else. As you say: “UA reading (I need to find out what it was)”

Dads are good at hiding symptoms.

Fake gout treatments
“Wouldn’t be able to say if any of these has had a positive effect.”
Your current Internet gout treatment combination, as described, is tasty/pointless/dangerous.

“get this under control”
In the right sidebar of each page here (displays below on mobiles), there’s a section: “STOP GOUT WITH SAFE URIC ACID LEVELS” Below that is a table that describes different possible uric acid ranges. If your result is “Safe”, you probably don’t have gout, and your GP should refer you to a rheumatologist.

If your uric acid test results show any other range, you probably do have gout. And, there’s no need for a rheumatologist for simple uric acid lowering. But, assuming you heard correctly, you need to change your doctor. Or, train the one you’ve got. There is never a situation where it is right to delay treatment because, “it’s a lifelong thing”. If you don’t start uric acid lowering treatment when you need it:
A) Your life will be shorter.
B) Your quality of life will be less.

What next
I’ve focused on the important points. If you want me to elaborate, please ask.

To give you better advice, I really need your uric acid test result numbers.