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Keith Taylor

It would be great if you could get uric acid test result history from your GP. In this day and age, we can expect accurate results to be emailed to us. If you can copy and paste exact results, with dates, that would be best. If you have to rely on the phone, be careful to get exact numbers and dates. Numbers should always have a scale (mg/dL, mmol/L, or μmol/L depending on country).

Personally, I would never wait until getting a uric acid blood test. Sometimes they are artificially low during an attack. If that happens, just get another test after 2 weeks. Repeat until you get stable results. That way, you have more information to support a diagnosis. If there is any logic in waiting, I can’t see it. I’d love to see arguments supporting delaying a blood test.

Cherry juice is tasty, so I see no reason to avoid it. When concentrated, it provides a big hit of anthocyanins (as do other red/blue/purple fruits). These help inflammation for most people. Personally, I prefer gout pain relief at max strength pharmaceutical dose. It’s much cheaper, and much faster. But, every gout sufferer should choose what’s best for them.

Lots of people make lots of money out of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). There’s nothing wrong with that, unless you’re exploited. Also, the placebo effect is generally measured around 30 to 35%. That is much higher than the number of doctors who understand uric acid. So, again, you pays your money, and makes your choice.

Baking soda is dangerous. It might be acceptable under medical supervision. But very much an edge case. As far as I’m aware, all situations that warrant this type of chemical intervention have a safer alternative.

The safest form of non-pharmaceutical pain control seems to be distraction. Just write about your gout symptoms here, and you’ll soon feel better!
Of those 2 sentences, the first has most medical validity. 😉