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Your story is probably shared by most of us here. Your lifestyle sounds a lot like mine. Your Gout flares started EXACTLY like mine. I will tell you this…they will get worse until you get your Uric Acid under control.

Make an appointment to get your blood drawn immediately. Don’t mess around with a bunch of elixers and “diet fixes” or other internet fodder. The only REAL thing that is going to help you is medication. But before you can be prescribed the medication, you need to find out where your levels are. You will also need a liver and kidney function test. These are standard. By your earlier post, I take it you are in Europe, since you posted your original results in umol/l (in the states its mg/dl). Regardless this is the first step and the most important.

My rhuemotologist, for some reason, was hesitent to put me on Allopurinol. I spent a year trying the diet, cherry juice, no meat, no alcohol, no sugar lifestyle. It didn’t work. Gout, for the most part, is inherited. Somewhere in your family tree you were probably predisposed to it. Lucky you. Me too. Combining medication theropy with a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and proper hydration is the key to leading a normal, pain free life. Keep the group posted on your progress.