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Thanks for the reply Patrick, much appreciated.

Quick update, had my blood test results back today and uric acid is at 478 umol, so around 8mg. The only other thing picked up was low neutrophils (reading was 0.95), looking into this these are a type of white blood cell I believe so would make sense that they are low after an attack?

I have actually got another blood test booked in for next week to test it again at the GP’s so will be interesting to see what comes back on that.

So the plan will be to go to the doctors and look to be put on medication to reduce uric acid and hopefully get things under control.

Quick questions for you guys, I go to Italy in 4 weeks time for a week and there will be a lot of walking involved. Given that the medication may bring attacks on when I start to use it I’m thinking of deferring it until I get back, just wanted your thoughts?

Many thanks