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Quick questions for you guys, I go to Italy in 4 weeks time for a week and there will be a lot of walking involved. Given that the medication may bring attacks on when I start to use it I’m thinking of deferring it until I get back, just wanted your thoughts?

Many thanks

My suggestion would be to talk to your Rhuemotologist about it. I’ll tell you what I do…I asked my Rheumotologist for a standing prescription for Methylprednisone (or Z pack). It’s a 6 day dose of antibiotics that aid in reducing pain from an acute Gout attack. Couple that Colchicine and your Allopurinol and you should be OK.

You can also go to the upper right corner and Google custom search for “Gout pain management” and Keith has some info there also I beleive. But that’s how I usually deal with a severe flare up.

Don’t defer your medication for another month. With your Uric Acid at 8mgs, you’re already in the “Acute Flare Up” zone. You may trigger an attack tomorrow, who knows? Get started now, and deal with potential attacks later.