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If GP is helpful enough and happy to prescribe the Allopurinol etc is there any need to then see the Rheumatologist also?



If you are happy with your GP then stay with that Doctor. A rheumotologist is a doctor who specializes in Arthritits and joint issues. That’s their specialized field. I went to my particualar Rheumotologist because he came highly recommended by a friend, but as I’ve stated here many times before, even he was reluctant to put me on Allopurinol until I practically begged him to do so.

You will find that some doctors, even Rheumotologists, who can be very “behind the times” as it pertains to Gout and Gout treatment. Same for GP’s. Some will fall into the traps of internet myths and old school mentality. Find a doctor who you feel comfortable with, who knows the latest about Gout and Gout treatment, and stick with that person. It’s really that simple.