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Hi all,

Update on matters, been to the Dr’s this morning and got my prescription for Allopurinol, he’s starting me on 100mg per day and test again after 1 month to see if it needs changing. Despite seeing others are on a lot higher dosage, I’m happy to start at this and adjust if necessary.

I asked about Colchicine, his take on it was ‘not to complicate’ things and just stick with Allopurinol and then Naproxen to fight an attack if necessary. Again I think I’m happy with this as would prefer to take less rather than more medication. If I find this isn’t working then I’ll go back and ask for the Colchicine.

Finally, against the advice of Keith & others, I’ve decided to delay starting the Allopurinol until late March, after I return from holiday. I’m expecting a week with a lot of walking and don’t want to throw anything into the mix that could add to the possibility of a flare up. I’m thinking that given I’ve had high UA levels now probably for a number of years, a few more weeks hopefully won’t make that much of a difference. Once back from holiday I’ll start the Allopurinol and if it brings on a flare up then no problems as I’ll be at home and happy to deal with it, I don’t want to be stuck on holiday unable to get around!

Will report back with progress once I’ve started the Allopurinol.

Thanks again for all the support and advice.