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Keith Taylor

Ryan, that is all fantastic. I love that you’ve taken control, and doing this on your own terms.

100mg allopurinol is exactly the right way to start. It’s safe. And, if it’s causing problems they will show up on kidney function and liver function tests, when you get your next uric acid test. There’s no downside to this approach.

The pain control issue is a situation where there are lots of options. And, if naproxen keeps gout pain bearable for you, that’s the way to go. Maybe I overemphasize combination packages. That’s usually in response to specific complaints that they cannot control their gout pain. Personally, I was always happy with ibuprofen. And, I only tried colchicine when the doctor suggested it. It’s all about being able to take control. So, you are absolutely right to leave colchicine for now and keep an open mind about what might happen later.

As for delaying uric acid control, I totally agree with your decision. There’s more to gout recovery than just the meds. You have to feel comfortable with your treatment plan. So yes, a few more weeks won’t make that much of a difference. Don’t forget, you might have a flare on holiday anyway. So, be prepared with your naproxen.

Please don’t bother with gifts and souvenirs. 🙂
Just get back refreshed and ready for your allopurinol treatment. I’m looking forward to your progress reports.