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[posted via Uloric (Febuxostat) Versus Allopurinol]

For many years I had high uric acid which generated uric acid kidney stones, not gout. I have no gout.

After starting a once a day regiment of Alpurinol 100 mg/day, the kidney stones stopped and my uric acid dropped to the point where it was very acceptable. THis was 8 years ago and not a kidney stone since.

2 days ago I went to a new kidney doctor as my creatin had rissen significally. He checked all my medicin and atributed the rise to Voltorin that I started one month ago., but he also said the Alpurinol may also be hurting my kidneys and said that Uloric was a better alternative.

I have been doing a lot of research comparing Alpurinol to Uloric. While many studies find that Uloric is slightly better in helping with Gout, it mentions nothing about it being better for your kidneys in the way of toxicity.

When the doctor saw the Alpurinol in my bag of medicins he asked if I had gout. This leads me to beleive he had no experience with high uric acid causing acid stones, perhaps because most stones are caused by the food you eat, such as cheeses