Reply To: Gout Recce Archive

Keith Taylor

Hi Joseph. Thanks for sharing your opinions about gout, alcohol, and allopurinol.

I welcome discussion of all aspects of gout in these forums. I especially love it when people discuss my articles, as it gives me a chance to improve them.

You’ve given us a great example of why it’s important to take a personal approach to gout management. For people who feel that alcohol is adversely affecting their gout treatment, then it’s best to avoid it. Or, some people might be happy to simply reduce alcohol consumption – it’s a personal choice.

Whatever your views on alcohol consumption, it is very important to make sure that your allopurinol treatment plan is safe.

So, Joseph, what else do you do to make sure your allopurinol treatment is safe? Stopping alcohol is one thing, but are you also ensuring that you get the right blood tests at regular intervals? Are you certain that the allopurinol dose you are taking has lowered your uric acid to safe levels?

In my opinion, these safety issues are much more important than moderate alcohol intake.

Unfortunately, most of the allopurinol plans that I see are not safe. Joseph, for you or anyone else, I can review your allopurinol treatment plans, if you wish. Just post a new topic with your allopurinol plan details, and I will review it.