Reply To: Gout Recce Archive

Keith Taylor

‘Normal’ is a statistical way of saying ‘average’ or ‘not unusual.’ If you take 1000 people, a 20-30 will have gout. That means that the 3.5 to 7 range includes people who have gout. Statistically, the normal range is not unusual, but personally, the upper end of that range is unacceptable.

Medically, it is meaningless, and the doctor you saw should know better. Unfortunately, 3 out of 4 doctors in my experience do not understand this. I get so angry about meaningless ‘normal uric acid.’ I even started a campaign NUANT – Normal Uric Acid: No Thanks! Unfortunately, I can’t get people interested in it.

To stop gout pain permanently, you must get uric acid below 5mg/dL

Tell your doctor that you want this immediately. It takes a few months for uric acid lowering treatment to get rid of old uric acid crystals. So, you probably need pain control for a few months.

If you need help with a personal uric acid lowering plan, or help with a personal gout pain control plan, please just ask: