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Joy Dusen

[feedback from Stop Gout.]

I had gout in 2012 a couple of times and I was prescribed Colchicine and I was allergic to it and had severe diarriah.

I had it again in Feb. 2015 and ended up in emergency because of the severe pain. That time they did not realize it because I had twisted my knee and they thought it might be arthritis.

It came on again on June 8th and this time in my thumb and I realized it was gout and saw a doctor on the 10th. It then went to my knee. I had such unbearable pain that I ended up in Emergency again with heavy duty pain killers.

The next day I had to go back because of the pain, I have tried Colchicine again but but I found that I was still allergic to the med.

Do you think I can start taking Allopurinol even though I still have some pain?