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GoutPal Victim

Hi guys, just a quick note because I hate typing, I have stage5 renal failure and was getting LOADS of gout, sometimes in both feet at once due my acid level. My specialist at the time prescribed the usual, allopurinol and conchecine but I never used them as at 13% function I figured they would do more harm than good with that clearance. Fortunately he retired and I got a guy who is red hot . I suggested bicarb and he put me on 3 grams a day…MAGIC! I still get the occasional twinge but nothing like the agony I suffered before( you’ll know what I mean). I think it’s a high dose due my extreme condition. The only thing that concerned me is I read it can raise BP. He, the renal specialist told me it has been proved not to and my monitor appears to agree. I know that they are tryling this at my hospital as another specialist told me it was a shame I had already started as I could have been included. Speak to your doctors and suggest they try it if it’s suitable for you.only telling you about my own personal experience.good luck.