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Marc Fehr

Thanks guys.
No doctor to date has tested my uric acid nor blood nor joint fluid.
They say Canadian healthcare is free, but it comes at a price. I will have to educate myself and nag these doctors and keep looking for the right one to get me started and help me along. I have an appointment with my podiatrist tomorrow to evaluate the healing from surgery.
Thank you so much for this website I now have renewed hope. I will get those tests done asap and I’ve written down all the drug treatments you have listed, a few of which I’ve never even heard of.
A major problem is that my work is often quite physical and if I go back to the same job I was doing, that means steel toe boots all day everyday. Should I just give up on that and try harder to find jobs that don’t involve my feet so much? Or keep hope alive and beat this thing and do whatever I want with my feet like I used to?