Reply To: Gout Seeker Archive

Keith Taylor

Hi Marc,

Before I address the individual points you’ve raised, I’d like to clarify how I offer my gout help services. Either, you can continue with one-off questions, as they arise (I call this Casual Gout Help). Or, you can start a gout diary. Then, follow that up with step-by-step plans to manage different aspects of gout (I call this Structured Gout Help).

“steel toe boots all day everyday”. Boots are great for supporting gouty feet. But, the issue is standing all day, which would be much more painful with less supportive footwear. So, I suggest we fix your gout. Then, you can make job choices based on what you prefer to do.

As for diet, you have to step back, and look at the big picture. Because gout diet is about managing weekly meals in total, not individual foods. Spinach, broccoli and milk are great parts of a good gout foundation diet (please checkout that survey). Also, chicken and moderate amounts of other meat and fish have a healthy contribution to make. And, supplements can have their place in a healthy diet. In which case, there are strong pluses, and some minuses, with whey protein for gout. But, if all you eat is spinach, broccoli, milk, and chicken, you do not have a healthy diet. So, for the best gout diet, you should only think of individual foods when you are looking to tweak your diet to meet your goals. For instance, you might ask if you can get nearer your uric acid target by reviewing your chicken consumption. Then, in the context of your weekly meal plans (or shopping cart), you could consider changing some of your chicken for something else.