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Newly Diagnosed with Gout! Where do I start?

Hello everyone!

I’ve been diagnosed with gout in my left foot, but after I got home from the dr, it (again) spread to my right toes and arch. This was about the fourth attack since the beginning of 2017.

I didn’t realize all this mess was gout. I thought I injured the left foot, then caused problems in the right because I was either hopping on the “good” foot or, after a few days, limping, and causing more weight and stress on the right foot. So in my mind, it was related.

I also blamed the right foot on a bunion and giant hammertoe. I’ve had the hammertoe for years, but it never hurt until gout moved in, and now it swells up double, plus turns purple and red. Looks like it was run over. The bunion, I just thought that because that’s where it hurt, got red, swelled, got hot and skin peeled like a sunburn. Apparently it’s not a bunion. LOL.

I went to my foot and ankle surgeon on this fourth attack, day four (because I could not walk until then). He pretty much knew the moment he saw it that it was gout. Sent me for blood tests (also blood counts and metabolic profile) to rule out infection and check uric acid.

I went back and wham! 9.4 on the uric acid.

“You have gout.”

Dang! I was so sure he was wrong, too. I thought it was a bad sprain.

He referred me back to my GP for drugs. He had already prescribed Indomethicin for pain, and then my GP has now added 100 mg to start of the allopurinol, and the colchicine to use in the beginning of the next attack. Oh, and foot guy offered me a cortisone shot, but I declined. Am afraid of those.

My GP said after the next blood test, he’ll probably up the allopurinol until we get the uric acid under 6. (The next blood test I had, after the attack was mostly over, was 7.9)

This all happened over the last month.

Now I’ve come to realize the gout is in multiple areas. Left foot: top and bottom towards the front, ball of the foot. Right foot: big toe, second toe (the hammertoe), ball of foot and arch.

It’s all the same kind of pain, plus red, hot and swelling. But the left foot seems to be worse and starts first. At least they don’t go full force at the same time!

The first or second attack caused an inability to walk. When the left foot finally started to calm, the right foot went nuts and I was like “You have GOT to be kidding me.”

Now all the gout stuff makes a lot of sense.

The good news, I guess: I don’t have to change my diet. I don’t eat any of that stuff, except spinach. I’m not vegan or anything, I just stopped liking meat except some chicken. I don’t drink, so I don’t have to give up beer or wine.

I naturally drink a lot of water, always have. The foot dr. thought it was mostly genetics in my case. (Grandfather had it, perhaps others…dunno) Also, I had been taking hydrochlorathiazide, my thyroid is out of whack (and being difficult to get under control), and I think my aversion to meat has caused me to be protein deficient.

I have so many questions, and I guess so much to learn. :::sigh:::

My main question to start: I’m trying to figure out WHEN to take these two drugs (the allopurinol and colchicine). I’m supposed to start the all. when my flareup is done. And do the col. when a new one begins.

However, I’m not sure the one that started a month ago is over. I keep getting mini attacks in both feet. They hurt like mad for 15-60 seconds, and then go away. Maybe a few hours later, another spot lights up. It’s goutish pain, and in the gouty areas of both feet. But is it considered actual gout?

Should I start the allopurinol now, or wait until this ALL stops? I’m afraid it won’t ever stop.

And then there’s the other med…I’m supposed to take that within 12 hours of a new attack. But this is all just blending together.

I don’t want to do the wrong thing and cause my feet to explode into millions of crystal daggers!