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Wow, thank you for such a thoughtful, detailed response!

I should have been more clear: I’ve been off the diuretic for about two months in favor of a small dose of Linisopril. My blood pressure was barely high, but I’ve gone along with it because my mother has vascular dementia, and she also had slightly high BP, but refused to take meds in favor of a quack who laid hands and tapped her head. (Not kidding, sadly)

I’m trying to be a little bit more compliant than she was, to head off vascular dementia.

I have taken the indomethacin, a couple of times. The foot guy gave me that. It made me feel horrible, but it did help with the swelling and pain. I had an upset stomach (severe nausea to the point of retching a few times) and the worst: it made me dizzy and loopy, the way opiates make me feel. Despite that, I thought I would give it another try and see if those side effects lessen, or at least I can learn to tolerate them. It really did help a lot.

But I’m afraid I couldn’t stand feeling like that every day. BTW, the foot dr didn’t believe I got so messed up from that drug, said it was just like taking a super aspirin. ::sigh:: He also said that being like a super aspirin (sorta, but not), aspirin causes uric acid (or keeps it from leaving, whatever), so it was okay to take on a limited basis. Therefore I am surprised to hear people take it daily! (Not doubting you, just surprised.)

I agree about trying one drug at a time. That’s been my policy for a long time, because some drugs I tolerate just fine, and others not so much.

What happened with my thyroid: I have Hashimotos (hypo) and have since I was in my 20s. Severe. My levels have stayed fairly consistent for three decades. Now and then, a little bump up or down, but nothing major. Back in Dec or January, my blood showed I was going hypERthyroid. My doctor bumped me down, and then every six weeks I go back, and my numbers are WORSE. He doesn’t understand it either, and just keeps lowering my dose. My hair has been falling out for about six weeks or so, and now it’s really thin. It’s been a really CRAPPY several months, and now I have gout. Sorry for the whine. It could be worse, knock on wood.

I plan to be very compliant on the Allopurinol, assuming I tolerate it well. (And most of what I’ve read seems to indicate it’s an old drug, effective and safe. So I’ve got a good feeling…) And if I don’t, then I’ll try the other meds. But I think Allopurinol will do the trick.

As for blood tests, LOL. Because of the thyroid (and they keep running various other tests to keep an eye on kidney, liver, etc. They are all fine.), I’m being tested every six weeks, and my GP said we’ll just add the uric acid to the list. HA.

I *can* drink milk, but I’d rather not. LOL. I love yogurt, but have been heartbroken to learn how much sugar is in ALL OF IT. And if it screams low fat, then figure they’ll add another handful of sugar.

I actually gave up all sugar several months ago. I was never much of a soda drinker, so that was easy. And I drink my coffee and tea unsweetened. But what I’ve learned is to read labels, and I’ve been horrified at the way they sneak sugar into everything. It’s an eye opener. But yogurt was the one that really hurt me. I like PLAIN non-Greek yogurt. It even has sugar in it!

I just checked my cartons, and plain old yogurt (not vanilla) has 16 grams sugar in ONE SERVING!

I was not aware that sugar contributes to gout. I guess that means I won’t plan a chocolate binge anytime soon.

What I LOVE: lentils, whole grains and beans. Yes I do. And those are chock full of proteins. I’ve been trying to eat more of those, try new recipes. But when I started reading the gout stuff, they kept saying legumes and beans, NO.

Then tonight I found someplace that said yes you can. LOL. It’s CRAZY. I thought I could try peanut butter, and then realized…legume.

It’s the same way with tomatoes: some say RUN AWAY, and others say no, they’re so good for you.

Are there any guidelines for how much protein a gouty person should eat?

You’re the welcome ambassador into Gout Land. I do appreciate the information, ideas and advice you’ve given me. Thank you.