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Lots of info…thanks!

I only take Synthroid (levothyroxine) for the thyroid. The amount was fine for many years (minor bumps up and down), and all of a sudden it was way too much. Somehow each titration down haven’t been enough, and it’s been an ongoing ordeal.

The thyroid hormone (levothyroxine) takes about six weeks to work through your system, so that’s why the blood tests every six weeks. However, I can call him and ask for more uric acid tests. All he can do is say no. He had said that typically, the ua test is five weeks, but we’d just do it at six because I was already doing the thyroid tests.

Per your comment, I checked my yogurt carton again, and you’re right…there’s no ADDED sugar, just natural sugar from the dairy.

I just googled purine in chicken, because I thought chicken was okay. I came across this very interesting list:

Check out spinach. It’s low, IMO. The FOOT doctor was the one who told me spinach was on the list. Although when we went through my general diet and water intake (and that I don’t drink), he moved on to the diuretic, and oops, was on that for a long time. (Stopped two months ago, nothing to do with gout.) Then I casually mentioned my grandfather had it, and he seemed to place most of the blame on genetics.

This is mostly moot, because for now, I’m going to eat like I have been and try to up my protein with lentils, because I love them. 2-3 times a week. Also some chicken. My yogurt. And I’m going to look into the protein content of cashew or almond butters.