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hey Keith – first, thank you for this site – I think it’s about the best thing I’ve seen relative to a comprehensive understanding of gout and support for those who suffer from it. next, I really didn’t specify a couple of additional questions.

I couldn’t get to a doctor until 6 days into my attack, but began an aggressive course of celery extract, black cherry juice, magnesium, and fish oil on the evening of the 4th day. question: could that explain my relatively low uric acid level of 5.9 (after day 6)?

if yes, my next question is if it’s advisable to continue the herbal approach “in addition to” or “instead of” allopurinol. I’m planning on getting my level checked in the next couple weeks but I’m also wondering how much difference it made going 4 days without alcohol before the test.

the good news is that the colchicine was a miracle. I took that stuff for about 10 days (just finished the course) and I’m about 95% mobile. bad news is that I’m struggling with diet. there are purines in everything so not sure what to eat. anyway, thanks again and I’m seriously dialed into your site.