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Managing Gout through Diet and Daily Testing

I don’t have gout but my boyfriend does. His diet lifestyle is so much better than mine (always eats organic and tries to limit preservatives) but he suffers gout attacks fairly frequently. We are going to try to manage his attacks through a change in diet. He already takes allopurinol daily (which is expensive..yikes) but he loves beer. I ordered a Home Uric Acid Test Kit (and that was an experience in itself!) and we are both going to follow a Gout Diet and monitor our uric acid levels. I thought it would be beneficial to have a control (me) to see what causes a spike in UA levels in his system versus mine.

The literature out there on gout friendly food is all over the place. A lot of the advice that you get is counter-intuitive. Do you a particular diet that you recommend? I bought the book – Eat This – Not that for Gout.
Also, who determines the purine levels in foods? Is there standardized testing?