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Marc Fehr

New Guy to Gout needs Gout Tips and Help

I just logged in and it brought me here. I guess my topic is super general right now.
I am 41 and been dealing with gout since I was 36. and actually even earlier but at that time I had no idea what it was and only came once a year kind of thing.

Are there any fast, good tips I can get right now? I try to use apple cider vinegar once in a while. I notice no real change or benefit but it has a slight placebo affect. I’ve only been prescribed Indomethecin and Colchicine before, haven’t tried anything else. I think I need better doctors, or better educate myself and pursuade the doctors myself like you did.
I recently had the surgery on my left foot so now the joints at least work again. It’s been 3 weeks and still painful. Worried the gout will now attack my right foot. I think I feel the beginnings of one.

That’s it for now, thanks. Marc