Reply To: Gout Victim Discussion

Keith Taylor

I was diagnosed with primary gout and primary hyperurecimia whatever the hell primary stands for

Primary gout is gout that is not caused by anything other than your own genetics. So, you have excess uric acid that has no avoidable reason. In those circumstances, playing about with diet is not going to have much effect. To have any effect, gout diet has to be planned in detail and must be part of a comprehensive gout treatment plan.

Whatever I do without drugs it doesn’t go down. I really wanted to avoid taking drugs.

Pharmaceutical gout medications are usually the easiest way to go. If you do not take the right drugs at the right time, you are wasting time and money. If you want to avoid them completely, are you prepared to commit to time-consuming diet monitoring and adjustment combined with frequent blood donations?

One thing you must not do Georgi, is avoid the issue. Your uric acid is dangerously high. If you do not deal with it now, your quality of life will reduce each year. After many years of increasing misery, you will die early.

So, if you are not prepared to correct your inherited condition with proven pharmaceutical treatment, what will you consider?

I’ve got the stamina to create a drug-free gout treatment program. I’ve not met anybody yet who has the stamina to follow one.