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Hello I have had very bad pain for about 2-4weeks sometimes in bed for days not able to walk the pain would be out of a 10 and I would say that it would actually be a 14 it’s that bad I had a blood test for Uric acid levels and mine was 0.45mmol/L (0.20-0.46) not sure what the numbers are in the brackets but I think maybe that’s the range it should be in Iam not sure but I looked at the gout table that u have and if I was in the USA I think mine would be in the high range Iam from Australia any help would be great Iam currently on no meds and I really don’t like any of the side affects of the NSAIDS , I dont want liver failure , kidney failure , heart attack, going blind
These are just a few they are all things I can do with out .
Will just have to stick the pain out with pain meds help from Keith Taylor or anyone would be great thanks.