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GoutPal Victim

I’ve been in severe pain for the last 10 years, my G.P doctor is useless when it comes to assisting me, he prescribed me a drug called Puricos 300 that I started taking & had a serious adverse affect on me. i came up in welts all over my body & was unbearably itchy, the itching caused the welts because I scratched through my skin.
The other drug they gave me was Colchicine, which didn’t seem to have any effect, it also has side effects of a runny stomach all the time.

These seem to be the only drugs available in South Africa.
The drug that’s helped me the most is the cortozone pills ive been taking daily.

I saw my Specialist Physician the other day because I have the problem of partial Kidney failure, I have 25% use of my Kidney so I also have to be careful with the Drugs I take.

I had Carpel Tunnel Syndrome 2 years ago in my left hand, I was told by the surgeon that it happens to 80% of people because of working on a computer.
They operated on me and did what they call a “release” It took about a year to get most of the feeling back in my fingers.
The point i’m making is I now have Carpel tunnel in my right hand, I got to thinking that the swelling on my hands & wrists is so bad that it could be contributing factor to my condition. I remember when the Surgeon opened my hand up last time he mentioned that he could see that I have severe gout in that hand.

Last night my Carpel Tunnel in my right hand was so intense I couldn’t lie down & sleep, I ended up after rubbing it with ant-inflammatory cream bandaging it etc.
I ended up taking 6 cortozone tablets, propped my wrist on a pile of pillows, the pain subsided at 4.30am in the morning. I then managed to sleep until 7am this morning. i say the gout caused this.
No i will be forced to go for an operation again but on my right hand this time.

So getting back onto the Gout Medication does anyone have any suggestions that drug-wise can help me.

I’m desperate as I find I struggle to work as i’m constantly in pain. I went to a rheumatoid arthritis specialist who told me there is nothing they can do for me she was a total waste of money & time.