Reply To: Gout Victim Discussion

Keith Taylor

“My question, is this a long term build up of crystals dissolving causing the pain it hit instantly within a minutes. ”

It’s impossible to answer that question without knowing your uric acid level at the time. If forced to give an answer, I’d say “highly unlikely.” I say this because, nothing you’ve described will cause uric acid crystals to dissolve.

You say you first noticed gout during 2015. I strongly suspect you had high uric acid levels long before that. It takes years for uric acid crystals to buildup. If you have more than one attack in a year, you should act immediately to get uric acid safe. If you do nothing, uric acid crystals continue to grow and multiply. They spread round your body so you get attacks in more places. There’s very little you can do to stop that.

It is possible to control the pain, but you have to have a personal pain control plan that works for you. Your “normal emergency gout diet” is a mess! I know that’s a bit rude, but I want you to change your ideas.

Gout attacks are usually related to what you ate and drank years ago. That certainly applies to purines, and potentially to alcohol. I have to hedge my bets with “usually” and “potentially.” Everybody is different, so the only thing that makes sense is a personal plan.

In fact, you need at least 2 personal gout plans – one for uric acid control, and one for gout pain control. I’ll be very happy to work with you on these plans. Also on a diet plan if you want. Doctors often get overwhelmed with the details of effective gout management plans. I only get overwhelmed if you have medical problems alongside gout that I don’t understand..

All I’ll say about alcohol is this: it has very little to do with gout. However, if you are drinking excessively, alcohol will lead to depression. Never drink more than two days in succession! That’s not gout advice, but I’m slowly becoming an expert in controlling alcohol-related depression.