Reply To: Gout Victim Discussion

Keith Taylor

Hi Paul,

I’ll try to explain what is happening so you understand why you are getting gout pain after starting allopurinol. Then I’ll explain how to minimize it.

Gout attacks start when uric acid crystals have built up over many months and years. Allopurinol eventually gets rid of these crystals, and that stops you getting gout pain. But, this will take time.

Professionals refer to removing the burden of uric acid crystals, or sometimes “de-bulking.” It is your recovery period. During your gout recovery period, you need pain relief, which can either be preventative, or as you require it. Before I explain that, I’ll explain a bit more about your gout recovery period.

Gout recovery is one of the most badly managed aspects of gout. I listened to a leading rheumatologist recently who explained that only 10% of patients get effective gout recovery treatment. This means that we have to take control, and ask for the correct treatment. Fortunately, unless you have other health problems, recovering from gout effectively is quite easy.

The essence of good uric acid lowering treatment is to get uric acid as low as possible. That shortens the recovery period, and minimizes the time you are at risk of gout flares. I can help with a specific personal plan to manage allopurinol in a way that suits you best. It’s impossible to say how long that time will take. Therefore, you also need effective gout pain control.

Ibuprofen is very effective at reducing gout inflammation. Usually it needs to be at maximum prescription strength to be effective. Though it can be used as a preventative, the best gout pain prevention is colchicine. I understand why many people want to avoid colchicine. However, if you want to use it, it can be incorporated into an effective gout pain control plan. In addition, for extreme attacks, you might also need a pain-blocker.

I believe personal gout pain plans are important at the start of allopurinol plans. I’m happy to help you and your doctor to get the best gout treatment for your gout.

Paul, if you want help with gout pain control, allopurinol plan, or both, please just ask.