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Lowell Andrew F.

So it’s been 8 weeks or so since diagnosed, I lowered my uric acid level to 4.9 (from 6.4 if I remember correctly, although it was 7.1 last year with no pain or ill effects)!


I celebrated with a beer. One microbrew 16 oz IPA full of goodness. I would think that would be ok. Maybe not at this stage. I wonder if we are more sensitive to quick spikes in uric acid levels after we’ve been through all this? My understanding, though, is that the levels change slowly. Last night after the beer I had a lot of pain in my hands/feet, areas I hadn’t even felt it in before. So, perhaps it was foolish, and I would not recommend it, because as you all know, it’s not worth “experimenting” with pain, and doesn’t really end up helping the celebration. Now, I know that eventually on allopurinol we should be able to have an occasional beer, but I really think this one is my trigger and may have caused it in the first place. I’ll give it some time and see how I feel in a couple days, though.
I can also relate to Jill’s recent post as I to have had a sharp pain just below my left ribcage (in front) and kidney pain as well, although I believe that was from drinking too much water. I wonder how many others have felt that sharp pain?

Edits: Overall, I could have been more careful eating other stuff – but the IPA definitely felt like a trigger and may have been consumed “early”. I realize it’s an overall diet concept, per Keith’s advice. Also, I’m sorry I started this from a different profile accidentally. I couldn’t recall what I signed in with (thought it was just email and password) so chose amazon, which I now think was wrong….Keith, feel free to move this to my other profile or let me know what I did wrong. 🙂 Thanks!