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Vincent Regan

I am 75-year-old man stage III kidney disease I lost one kidney about 10 years ago don’t know where one too so I have one good working kidney or a month ago the Gout started it wasn’t too bad I didn’t even tell my doctor so about three days ago I woke up with terrible pain at 4 o’clock in the morning and when I try to stand up for more than five minutes my gouty back aches like hell i’m having a very hard time standing because my back was that aching so the doctor gave me two prescriptions one is a seven day thing and you take it continuously I could not go out shopping to the store could even make my own coffee this morning because the pot and things were in the dishwasher and I could not bend down to get them on my back would be acting so I’m wondering how long this is going to going to last Thank you for your help