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Hey Brian. Well this is a great place to start to gather information.

Lets start with the obvious question…when you say your “acid levels came back elevated,” what exactly were they? Elevated is a very vague. I think anyone here would ask that question, because there is a pretty big difference between “elevated” and “high.” The good thing is you are 28 years old, and if indeed you do have Gout, the damage from excessive Uric Acid is probably minimal. Also, if your Uric Acid is just a little over the threshhold, maybe some lifestyle changes can help you. That’s why it’s important to know exactly where your Uric Acid levels are.

You also mentioned that your dad had RA…there are some similarities to RA and Gout. The symptoms can mimic each other. Gout, can also be passed down from generation to generation, so it’s important to know if your father did indeed have RA, or if he was ever tested for Gout.

As for your question about what you can do for your condition…it seems you already have some information (and mis-information) about Gout. This all depends on where your Uric Acid levels are. If they are in the low end of “elevated”, some lifestyle changes can help you. Change in diet, limited animal proteins can help. Limit your alcohol intake (and ESPECIALLY all but eliminate drinking COKE with your Whiskey). Fructose and Sucrose are not good for a Gout lifestyle. Vegetables can be your friends. Hydrate your body, and keep it hydrated. And keep exercising. Keep your weight down. Keeping your weight down not only helps with your overall health, it helps keep your supporting internal organs healthy. Your liver and kidneys especially. Elixers, such as Cherry Juice, celery pills, lemon water, etc. may have benefits, but if they do, it would minimal. The are probably doing more for your overall health, as opposed to what they are actually doing for your Gout.

There is a handy “Google Custom Search” box in the upper right hand corner of this page. You could probably find the answer to just about every question you have in there. Or, you could follow some of the threads here and realize that a lot of people out there are just like you, going through exactly what you are.

Most of us here would suggest visiting a doctor to have them explain where your Uric Acid levels are, and where you kidney and liver functions are. If your levels are indeed high, medication may be in your future. But all that can be answered after a consultation with a doctor. Hope this helps.