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Brian Schlenker

I’m 28 just was diagnosed with gout In both ankles!! Don’t know what to do

How’s it going? Like I said am 28 am fairly skinny and healthy. Never had issues with my ankles before. I have been drinking about 4 drinks of whiskey and Coke every night for about 2 months. I started running 2-4 miles every day about a month ago the. Each night would drink. I know this was probably the worst thing to do but long story short all the sudden I couldn’t barely walk and couldn’t go up stairs my ankles hurt so much. I went 6 days in the worst pain I’ve felt and finally went to dr. She ran blood to check for rheumatoid arthritis since my dad has it and checked my acid levels for gout. They came back elevated. Thank god my RA factor was normal. What do I need to do. I went and got tart cherry concentrate and celery pills. Also have drank lemon juice with baking soda and water. Ankles feel a little better but still hurt. And I wanna still drink but think that’s out of the question now. What do you guys think? And thank you for taking the time to read this.