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Keith Taylor

Thanks for your quick response Cindy. Also, even bigger thanks to nobody for a terrific answer. Because, medically, we have established that Mr Tang is safe to proceed. But, all treatment plans have to balance risk and reward.

So, at this stage Cindy, I don’t have enough information to recommend exactly when your husband should increase his allopurinol dose. Furthermore, in an ideal world, we would not even be discussing this. Because, target uric acid levels and timescale should be discussed between patient and doctor before allopurinol therapy starts. But, in the real world, we tend to make these decisions as we go. Which is why I said in my previous reply: “The time between allopurinol dose increases is variable, depending on how quickly the doctor and patient wish to proceed”.

For example, in my case, I had a particular medical situation that supported the idea of moving forward as quickly as possible. Also, I had a supportive doctor who agreed that it would benefit me to get to maximum allopurinol dose as quickly as I could. As long as function tests raised no alarm bells.

So, as nobody advised: “tests are not the only reason to increase a dose.” Therefore, I can only repeat, I don’t know enough about your husband’s situation to decide if it’s good to increase now or later.

I hope my comments, and nobody’s, give your husband enough ideas to discuss his situation with his doctor. But, if he’s not sure what to ask, I would always suggest thinking hard about what he truly wants to achieve now. Also, think about any important events in the near future. Because, vacations, family celebrations, etc can often influence our timetable. Then, he should have enough to explain what he wants his doctor to do.

If not, I’m sure we can come up with more suggestions.