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Keith Taylor

Hi Amanda,

I’ve known females of your age with gout. It can’t be ruled out. But, I don’t have enough information to rule it in. This is really a job for a rheumatologist. I say that because differential diagnosis is a specialist subject. It’s beyond what can be accomplished with an Internet chat. But, I’ll give you some partial explanations, based on what I know so far.

Gout symptoms
“Each flare-up brings fairly standard gout symptoms,”
There are no such things as standard gout symptoms. My first doctor I consulted thought gout had standard symptoms. He failed to diagnose my gout.
Can you describe your gout symptoms in detail?

Gout triggers
” and the triggers are fairly standard gout triggers.”
There are no such things as standard gout triggers. Every gout sufferer is different.
Can you describe your gout triggers in detail?

Gout tests
” My doctor ran blood tests and my uric acid levels were not high,”
‘Not high’ is meaningless.
Can you get your full numeric result?

” so he drew fluid from the affected joint
There were no uric acid crystals in the fluid. (There also were no calcium crystals to indicate pseudogout, which was the other possibility.)”
Were tests done immediately with polarizing microscopy? ❓
Was fluid also tested for bugs? ❓
Any other tests for diseases that display gout-like symptoms? ❓

“non-uric acid gout, which I had never heard of.”
And neither has anyone else because there is no such thing. By definition!

As I say, you really need diagnosing by a specialist. But, the most essential thing, is uric acid numbers. Please find and post the results of every uric acid test you can get. Dates, and exact numbers (with scale) are important.