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Hi I was diagnosed with tendinitis about 6months ago in my ankle but for the last 3 months I have been getting attacks of really bad pain in the joint at the top right hand side of my right foot at the ankle . I visited my gp and she tested my uric acid levels which were high she prescribed naproxen and colcohine tablets for relief of gout , I asked her about allopurinol but she said she would rather I changed my diet first which I have done and have lost 7lbs in weight so far but in this time I have had 3 more attacks of the gout which is now getting me depressed as I can not play any sport as walking is really painful . Today I have taken it on myself to start taking allopurinol not sure if this is a good step but I am desperate and was lucky enough to have a wife that takes this drug already . Io have no confidence in my gp she is more interested in my diet than my pain I’m 5ft 6in and weigh 13st 6lb . What would you suggest I do for the best Regards Robert

[originally posted by lapsed GoutPal member: Robert Taylor]