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Keith Taylor

Improving your GoutPal

My vision for GoutPal is where 80% of visitors follow my guidelines. Then, with their health adviser, they control their gout. Clearly, I’ve a lot of work to do. And, the eagle-eyed reader might have spotted that I’m progressing with GoutPal and You. But currently, only a small percentage of gout sufferers can apply my gout research to their personal situation. And general gout guidelines can never cover each unique gout sufferer.

So, there will always be 20% of gout sufferers who need the gout help forum. Together, we add the personal touch that gout sufferers need to control their gout effectively. And, I can use our discussions to improve my future advice. When several people have similar needs, I improve guidelines on Then, future gout sufferers get faster help.

Now, because it’s your GoutPal, this Suggestion Box forum lets you improve gout guidelines in a more direct way. I use it to identify pages that need improving. And, I occasionally add new gout subjects that need explaining. So, it’s available to all gout sufferers to learn more. I believe you learn more about gout when you get involved with improving guidelines.

That involvement can be:
– Saying you don’t understand something on a page.
– Spotting spelling, or grammar errors.
– Suggesting better wording.
– Sharing your experiences that relate to gout subjects covered on a page.
– Sharing your opinions about the page.
– Explaining how a page has helped your gout.
– Anything else you care to share.

Now, I’ve made real progress with identifying different types of gout sufferers. I’ve called those gout groups. They help gout sufferers focus on gout information that is most relevant to their situation. And, I believe I should apply that principle to this Suggestion Box forum.

So, I will start new ideas that apply to specific gout groups. I strongly recommend that you get involved with these ideas. I listed different ways you can get involved above. I firmly believe that writing about gout helps you understand it better. When you understand it better, you control gout faster. If you are not convinced, ask me to summarize some of the science that supports my belief.

If you are convinced, please share your thoughts in the gout help forum. In many ways, writing is its own reward. Would other rewards convince you to write more?

I hope you’ll enjoy writing about aspects of gout that benefit other gout sufferers. Why not start by adding your comments here?